12 Foods You Should Only Cook with a Crock Pot


Shortribs – Like small pieces of chicken, short ribs work well in a crockpot for most of the same reasons. But they can be fatty so browning them first not only mean starting with a great seasoning rub, but caramelizes their edges provides a great pan of drippings for some savory vegetables. Ensure the ribs are submerged in a beef broth and be amazed at the flavor and tenderness they rise to.

Baked beans – Keep yourself from having to heat up the kitchen with the oven when you want to make this summer picnic favourite. Baked beans are perfect for the crockpot because of how easy they are to take to the table, or picnic table, and are great for buffet tables too.

Macaroni and Cheese – Once you learn which kinds of cheese (not processed) and which kind of milk (enough fat to create a sauce) you will make the recipes that call for the uncooked pasta your “go to” for this carb-bulking satisfying favourite. There is a bit of a science to it, but well worth it when you have decadent gooey macaroni and cheese in one easy-to-clean pot, ready when you come home for the day, or to take to any potluck event.

Cabbage Rolls – Your favorite cabbage roll filling around partly cooked leaves of cabbage can be easily layered in your crockpot and topped with vegetables, sauces and even wine. Follow a recipe closely to ensure there is adequate liquid to finish cooking the cabbage, but the delicacy of the flavors will merge and make this better than any oven version you made before.